ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

6 Inspiring Women Who Made It Big in the IT Security Space

March 8, 2016 | All News & Events

Womens Day - ShieldSquare -

The IT security space is seeing a growing number of women in tech., whose larger than life ambitions and undying passion for innovation are causing a stir in the industry. Much like the above-mentioned quote, women have carved a niche for themselves in the IT security industry, not by mere chances, but by their choice to “Think big”, which continues to amaze the world.

In no particular order, here are 6 inspiring self-made women from the IT Security Industry:

Myrna Soto : As the SVP and CISO of Comcast, Myrna Soto  works with the security and technology  teams to develop and enhance crucial policies not limited to network and data security. Her areas of  expertise include cyber security, Technology Risk Management, Strategic Policy development, Business and Technology integration. Apart from these, she also authored a publication called “Çyber Security Best Practices” that focuses on addressing the security issues in the communication industry.

Sherry Ryan Sherry Ryan is the VP and CISO at Juniper Networks. A self-made leader with in-depth knowledge of the cyber security, Sherry has worked with Levi Strauss & Co., HP and Blue Shield heading the Department of Information and Network Security. Her eclectic mix of technical knowledge, people skills and out-of-the-box thinking has made her one of the most sought after cyber -security gurus in the industry.

Jennifer Minella : Jennifer is the perfect blend of a seasoned engineer, artistic author, enchanting dancer and an engaging speaker. She is a consultant CISO, whose specialities include Networking, 802.1X, NAC, NAP, Wireless Security, etc. She was conferred the title ‘Tech Woman of the year 2014″ by the North Carolina Technology Association(NCTA).  According to SC Magazine and Tripwire, she’s one among the – Top Influencers in Security, Top 25 Female Infosec Leaders to Follow on Twitter, Top 10 Power Players: Women in Security 2014 – for her numerous contributions to the IT security space.

Erin Egan As the Chief Privacy Officer of Facebook, Erin ensures to embrace feedback from legislators, public and other industrial experts to develop policies and privacy measures accordingly. She is also one of most sought after lawyers in the US with many top-notch legal journals testifying to her deep-rooted expertise in law.

Katie Moussouris : Katie Moussouris, Chief Policy Officer at HackerOne, leads a team of experts to counsel stakeholders and security researchers about the need for Internet Security. Before HackerOne, she’s worked with Microsoft and Symantec as key IT Security personnel. Having founded Microsoft Vulnerability Research, a group that delves into and reports vulnerabilities in third-party software, she is a subject matter expert on areas including Penetration Testing, Intrusion Detection, Computer Forensics etc.

Mischel Kwon : It is not very often that we see women as C-level executives in technology firms, and that makes Mischel Kwon truly unique. She is the founder and president of MKA Cyber, a security consulting firm, which focuses on Technical Defensive Security, Security Operations and Information Assurance. Before establishing her own venture, Mischel Kwon worked  for the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team(US-CERT) and the Justice Department,  where her legacy continues to inspire many others.

All the above stalwarts fall nothing short of extraordinary owing to their vigor for growth, numerous achievements and significant contributions to the field of IT Security.

This International Women’s Day, ShieldSquare takes pride in looking up to one such terrific persona, Jyoti Kakatkar, our Co-founder and VP-Tech. Her expertise in manifold areas of software engineering and peerless people skills continue to lead our teams forward into being the pioneers of anti-scraping and bot-prevention for online businesses. May, women continue to inspire and help us secure the Internet by leaps and bounds!



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