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Protect Web and Mobile APIs From Bot Attacks

Application programming interfaces (APIs) facilitate communications between different application architectures and enable seamless interoperability between a wide range of devices across the Internet. Attackers can hijack API calls by reverse-engineering Web and mobile applications, and exploit various vulnerabilities in APIs to take over user accounts, scrape business-critical data, and launch application distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. It is crucial for enterprises to have real-time protection for their full stack of APIs, including IoT, machine-to-machine, Web, mobile, and serverless interfaces.

Radware Bot Manager seamlessly integrates with Radware Cloud WAF for application security and Radware’s Alteon application delivery solution. Application security is ensured by protecting against all OWASP threats (both automated and non-automated).

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How to Secure APIs Against Malicious Traffic

A bot management solution must differentiate between good and bad automated traffic by ascertaining its intent. Radware Bot Manager leverages multi-layered detection methods as well as statistical communication analysis, navigation probability, and contextual scoring mechanisms to protect APIs. Our approach ensures a minimal rate of false positives to ensure that genuine users are not blocked.

Symptoms of Bot Attacks on APIs

An increase in the rate of errors (e.g., the HTTP status code 404, data validation failures, authorization failures, etc.).

Extremely high application usage from a single IP address or API token, or from large, distributed IP addresses.

A high volume of GET/ POST to HEAD requests from a user/ session/ IP address/ API token compared to the API request volumes from legitimate users.

Anti Scraping

Key Bot Threats on APIs

Bad bot activity in APIs is rapidly increasing, with our research indicating a 30% growth in the first half of 2020
compared to the same period in 2019. Bad bots target APIs to execute several types of attacks, including:

Account Takeover

Account takeover attacks are of two types: credential cracking and credential
stuffing. During a credential cracking attack, attackers attempt to identify valid
credentials by trying different values for usernames and/ or passwords. In a
credential stuffing attack, attackers attempt mass log-ins to verify stolen credentials.
On APIs, cybercriminals attempt direct API access or try to evade device profiling to
perform account takeover attacks.

Web Scraping

Web Scraping

In industries such as e-commerce and travel, scraping of content and prices through
APIs is a common tactic used by competitors and fraudsters to gain a competitive
advantage. Scraper bots are increasingly being used to attack APIs to scan for
vulnerabilities and scrape sensitive data from exposed APIs.


Denial of Inventory

Cybercriminals can reverse-engineer APIs and then deploy sophisticated bots to visit
e-commerce sites and add products into carts without ever completing the purchase.
This tactic prevents genuine consumers from being able to make purchases and
prevents sellers from achieving desired conversion rates.


Application DDoS

In an enterprise infrastructure stack, the applicatio layer (Layer 7) directly impacts the user experience. Application DDoS attacks strain business APIs and lead to website slowdowns and outages that frustrate genuine users.

How Radware Bot Manager Protects APIs From Bots

API Flow Control Protects Machine-to-Machine &
IoT Endpoints

Radware’s API Flow Control Module examines API access patterns,
identifies legitimate API flows between endpoints in customer


API Client SDK Protects Machine-to-Machine APIs

Radware’s API Client SDK module collects various API-specific parameters
such as machine architecture and CPU information to differentiate between
genuine and malicious API calls.

Invocation Context Protects Web and Mobile APIs

Radware Bot Manager analyzes API traffic flows to examine the invocation
context and sequence of URLs traversed by a visitor, filters bad API calls,
and prevents direct access to APIs without a previous Web transaction
or invocation from a mobile device.


Authentication Flow Analysis Protects APIs From Account Takeover (ATO)

Radware’s Authentication Flow Analysis collects relevant data from authentication APIs, validates legitimate access to assets, and blocks attackers generating multiple unsuccessful API log- ins to protect your authentication APIs against ATO attacks.

Intent-based Deep Behavior Analysis (IDBA)

IDBA leverages Radware’s deep semi-supervised machine learning technology
to analyze the intent behind every visit. Radware Bot Manager analyzes the
sequence of URLs traversed, the referrers used, and the time spent on each
page to provide high detection accuracy, especially for sophisticated bots
that can mimic human behavior.

Intent Behind Attacks
Integrity Checks

Integrity Checks

Radware Bot Manager carries out advanced integrity checks to identify bots,
emulators, and attempts to reverse-engineer your exposed APIs or mobile SDKs.
Additional protection is provided through rate-limiting based on multiple
parameters to prevent token cycling and token distribution.

Deterministic Simulation Engine

Radware’s deterministic simulation engine analyzes data from HTTP
headers and JavaScript tags from a visitor’s device, working with an
immediate response engine to minimize attack response time and
detect bad bots during their first hit.

Simulation Engine

Collective Bot Intelligence

Radware’s bot intelligence database stores bot signatures and fingerprints from across
our global customer base to take preemptive action against bot attacks in real-time.
Our collective bot intelligence system continuously collects and analyzes attack data
from across the Internet to provide pre-attack notifications.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Bot Manager provides granular reporting on all bot types including
data from token-based offline analytics tools. Organizations can
track automated activity based on user agents, geographies,
referrers, pages targeted,and much more. We also offer
visualization APIs for data collection, management and reporting.

Flexible Deployment

Flexible Deployment via Cloud, Web Server, or Virtual Appliance

Radware's Bot Manager offers flexible deployment options, which include
on-demand, on-premises, and cloud-based options to work with virtually
any infrastructure stack. Integration options include CDN plug-ins,
JavaScript tags, Web server plug-ins, API cloud connectors, mobile SDKs,
and a virtual appliance.

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Benefits of using Radware Bot Manager

Comprehensive insights into bot traffic attacking your website or app, with URL analytics to show your most-attacked pages, as well as crawling history based on bot signatures

Real-time detection and monitoring

Enhances the user experience on your website with minimal false positives — no real users ever need to solve a CAPTCHA

Customizable responses to suit your business needs— block, allow, show a CAPTCHA, feed fake data to competitors, and more

Improves search engine rankings and boosts your competitive edge

Quick deployment with multiple integration options with diverse technologies

  • Testimonial

    We onboarded Bot Manager in the midst of our peak season, and saw immediate results/benefits. Our customer’s experience are our top priority. By working with Radware we are able to better secure and improve the shopping experience

    Daniel Padevet, Head of Web & IT Operations Team

  • Testimonial

    We’re extremely happy with Radware Bot Manager that not only takes care of blocking all the bad bots but also provides comprehensive bot analysis. Radware Bot Manager have really kept their promise of zero false positives, as a result we are able to satisfy our website visitors better than ever!

    John Potter, Chief Technology Officer

    Purch Group Inc.

  • Testimonial

    We could see a considerable reduction in the spam leads after integrating Radware Bot Manager. We were able to customize the algorithm based on our business needs and it improved the overall quality of the leads we deliver to our clients. It’s an awesome product!

    Federico Barbagallo, Product Director


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