ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Mission-critical businesses demand round the clock vigilance to detect sophisticated threats targeting their websites. In the past few years, the BotDefense Lab team at Radware Bot Manager observed an increasing trend in advanced bot attacks. These bots continuously change their behavior to evade existing security measures and attack online businesses. To stay ahead of these sophisticated threats, businesses need an advanced bot prevention solution that leverages multi-point corroboration, and machine learning algorithms — accompanied by human intelligence. For businesses that require continuous vigilance, BotDefense Lab provides the right solution to continuously analyze web traffic data and take action on emerging bot threats in real-time.

Advanced, on-time threat prevention for continuous protection (24x7 monitoring)

Radware Bot Manager’s Cloud Engine looks for suspicious activities that are happening under the radar and adds them to a separate queue for further analysis.

Our BotDefense Lab team monitors this queue on a 24x7 basis to deconstruct the traffic data and unearth advanced threat patterns.

Bot prevention

Neutralize manual scraping with manual intervention

When automated bots get blocked by Radware Bot Manager, competitors resort to manual scraping out of desperation.

In such cases, BotDefense Labs ensures that the manual scraping patterns are unearthed and neutralized on time.

In addition to taking action on manual scraping, detailed insights and reports are sent on the activity.

Automated Bot detection

Deep insights with the help of experts

If you want to go beyond just blocking bots and want to have deep insights on traffic and bot data, the BotDefense Lab can help you achieve this.

Our analysts will work with you closely and add a human element to everything you do for bot prevention.

Bot traffic analysis

Deeper post-incident reporting

Our security analysts provide in-depth post-incident reporting that suits your unique business requirements.

The team provides customized and exhaustive reports on the bot activity that is blocked on your site.

Insight traffic reports

Dedicated to meet your unique time-sensitive requirements

Each business is unique. You may need sophisticated bot detection at some point due to the increasing activity of advanced bots.

BotDefense Lab’s service takes care of any time-sensitive and business-specific requirements that require manual intervention.

Integration on sensitive requirements

Dedicated threat monitoring, analysis, investigation and response

BotDefense Lab’s experience in managing advanced threats, along with our team’s hands-on, granular approach, provides you with dedicated SOC resources and quicker response times.

BotDefense Lab allocates a team of experienced data analysts to you to provide real-time threat monitoring, analysis, investigation, and response, along with the best practices to ensure a rapid response to malicious threats.

analysis and monitor threat traffic

Step Up and Take Action

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