ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Over half of all Internet traffic today comprises bots. While there are many good bots that carry out essential functions — indexing web pages, aggregating content, checking on a website’s status, and more — the ever-growing number of malicious bots are increasingly a cause for concern due to the business threats they pose to virtually every online industry.

Competitors and criminals deploy bots to perform a range of nefarious activities. Among the most common bot activities is the scraping of content such as news and research articles, product reviews, prices, and personal data. While some fraudsters carry out carding attacks and account takeovers, others engage in ad fraud, API abuse and application denial of service (often to gather business intelligence). Apart from the problems they directly cause, bad bots also create problems with their unchecked traffic, such as application slowdowns and outages, poor user experience, skewed analytics, and increased infrastructure and bandwidth expenditure.

Radware Bot Manager Protects You From

Credential stuffing and brute force attacks are used to gain unauthorized access to customer accounts.

Fraudsters exploit vulnerabilities in APIs to steal personal data, obtain business intelligence, carry out account takeover and carding attacks, and in the process strain infrastructure and cause application slowdowns and outages.

Carders use bots to crack gift cards and to identify valid coupon numbers and voucher codes.

Application DDoS attacks slow down web applications by exhausting system resources, 3rd party APIs, inventory databases, and other critical resources.

Competitors deploy bots on your website to steal price information and influence your customers' buying decisions.

Fraudsters and third-party aggregators use bots to scrape content and illegally reproduce the stolen content on ghost websites.

Bad bots create false impressions and generate illegitimate clicks on publishing sites and their mobile apps.

Automated traffic on your web property skews metrics and misleads decision making.

Malicious bots deluge online marketplaces and community forums with spam leads, comments, and fake registrations.

Why Choose Radware Bot Manager?

Basic Security Solutions Do Not Protect Against Sophisticated Bots

Basic security solutions such as Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) can protect websites against threats such as SQL Injection, XSS/DDoS attacks, and application vulnerabilities, but not against sophisticated bad bots. Leading security analysts from organizations such as Forrester Research and Gartner consider Bot Management to be essential to protect online assets from the multitude of business threats posed by today’s sophisticated bots.

Defend Against Exploits That Can Lead To Data Security Breaches

With data protection regulations such as the GDPR, it is crucial for organizations to protect the personal data that they handle, transmit, or process. Given the numerous ways in which malicious bots can exploit vulnerabilities to illegally obtain personally identifiable information (PII), bot mitigation is no longer an option when it comes to ensuring web and app security.

Comprehensive Insights & Granular Analytics

Radware Bot Manager's Dashboard is a user-friendly command and center that also provides a comprehensive view of bot traffic stats by URL and section, giving you insights into the types of attacks being attempted across your Web assets. With the ability to view the geographical distribution of bot traffic, you have insights into country-wise bot traffic stats as well. The dashboard also gives you the ability to whitelist IP addresses, set up alerts based on thresholds, and in some cases delete the bot signature if the associated CAPTCHA/ block incident is deemed to be a False Positive.

How Radware Bot Manager Works

Proprietary Intent-based Deep Behavior Analysis (IDBA)

Radware Bot Manager researchers leveraged the newest advances in machine learning and AI to develop IDBA. This technique helps us accurately identify sophisticated bot attacks that are either massively distributed or adequately ‘low and slow’ and thereby go undetected by rule-based security measures such as WAFs. IDBA performs behavioral analysis at a higher level of abstraction of ‘intent’, rather than commonly-used shallow interaction-based behavior analysis techniques. Ascertaining intent enables IDBA to provide significantly higher levels of accuracy in detecting bots with advanced human-like interaction capabilities.

Accuracy And Scalability To Eliminate False Positives And Handle Traffic Spikes

Our detection technology filters highly sophisticated human-like bots so that genuine users will never have to solve a CAPTCHA. Apart from providing a better user experience, our collective Bot Intelligence system (along with unique device fingerprinting methodology) ensures that when a new bot signature is detected on one customer’s web assets, our bot signature database is immediately updated to ensure that all of our customers are also protected. We use cutting-edge cloud technologies to maintain high scalability and bot defense capabilities even during massive surges in traffic.

Handles Bot Traffic in Multiple Ways To Suit Business Needs

Depending on your business needs, you can take custom actions based on bot signatures and types. Our system lets you decide whether you want to block bots outright, show a CAPTCHA to bot traffic, or even fool competitors by returning fake data. The responses received from various types of traffic on your web assets help us build a closed-loop feedback system to minimize false positives down to negligible levels. Our bot mitigation solution allows publishers to show ads only to humans, and block non-human invalid traffic before pages load.

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