ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

With the ubiquitous adoption of the mobile internet, cyber attackers have found another attack surface to exploit. Attackers prey on business-critical data, customers’ personal information (PII), credentials, and payment card details using bots. These bots change their identity, behavior, and IP address to operate under permissible limits of conventional security measures. Additionally, mobile traffic characteristics are less predictable than web browsers traffic. Tackling such sophisticated bots requires an advanced approach that improves its logic faster than continuously evolving bot patterns. Radware Bot Manager leverages the latest developments in deep learning to filter and mitigate invalid traffic from mobile devices (web and apps) in real-time.

Protect Users Data And Content From Sophisticated Attacks

Bot Detection Technology

  • Detection techniques based only on JavaScript are ineffective in detecting anomalies in user behavior on mobile. Radware Bot Manager collects multiple parameters from the end user’s device to build a database of unique fingerprints and filter anomalous behavior patterns.
  • Conventional techniques such as rate limiting and IP reputation can cause false positives due to distinctive nature of mobile networks. We apply device fingerprinting, and device level unique cookies to separate genuine users from bots, and accurately manage automated traffic while ensuring zero false positives.
  • You can also take custom action against bots on different sections of the mobile app as well as on mobile Web applications, and can feed fake information to content aggregators and scrapers. Additionally, we allow you to blacklist/ whitelist apps and domain names.

SDKs for Major Platforms

  • Radware Bot Manager's SDKs are designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy and performance. Our SDKs are tested under wide-range of devices and OS environments to ensure compatibility, speed, and scalability.
  • SDKs are lightweight and easy to integrate with iOS and Android apps. SDKs can be embedded into native apps as well as hybrid apps, and are optimized to consume less space, low memory, CPU, and battery power.
  • We also provide timely updates for SDKs in sync with operating systems such as iOS and Android.

Challenge-response Authentication

  • We apply a challenge-response authentication mechanism and serve CAPTCHAs to visitors with a higher risk score. Responses to the challenges help us build a closed-loop feedback system that dynamically improves our machine learning algorithms and helps us accurately block bad bots, app impersonators, and emulators.

App Analytics and Reporting

  • We offer granular analytics as well as detailed reports on bot activities across your mobile app and web.
  • The report includes highly targeted screens, global bot distribution, malicious IPs list, traffic pattern along with detailed insight on the severity of an attack.
  • Radware Bot Manager's Bot Mitigation for Mobile Web can be integrated with major analytics platforms including Adobe and Google. You can also integrate our solution with any tag manager including Google Tag Manager.


  • Lightweight SDKs for iOS and Android can communicate with any back-end technology stack. You can also integrate our solution with mobile Web applications using our JavaScript tag, which collects over 250 parameters to identify sophisticated bot patterns.
  • Radware Bot Manager can be deployed in any existing infrastructure provided by the customer. Our server-side integration options are virtual appliance, and CMS plugins. We also provide Web server plugins through Nginx and Apache.
  • Radware Bot Manager can also be integrated with the Radware Cloud WAF service, as well as Alteon, Radware’s application delivery solution, to provide a unified Application Security offering to customers.

Know More About Our Solution, Technology, and Integration Options

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