ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Traditional security measures and firewalls work on a predefined set of rules. It is difficult for conventional security solutions to track sophisticated bots that are continuously changing their behavior and shifting through IPs to access web applications. Radware Bot Manager applies advanced machine learning algorithms combined with device and browser fingerprinting to protect your web applications against human-like bots.

Widest Mitigation Options in the Industry

Real-Time Bot Management

  • Radware Bot Manager with its purpose-built bot detection engine and contextual threat intelligence ensures accurate classification of traffic such as genuine users, good bots (search engine crawlers, partner bots, etc.) and bad bots. We filter and block bad bots before they infiltrate into your web applications.
  • Radware Bot Manager also allows you to whitelist trusted sources based on IP and subnet mask.

Intent Behind Attacks

  • Uncovering the intent behind automated attacks is crucial to understand the nature and complexity of attacks. It also helps in applying requisite measures to avert any damage to your web applications.
  • Built on semi-supervised machine learning models, Radware Bot Manager's proprietary Intent-based Deep Behavior Analysis (IDBA) helps identify the intent behind attacks and proactively stop automated attacks.

Speed and Scale

  • Radware Bot Manager processes tens of billions of API calls every month. Threat intelligence gathered from processing these API calls helps us build an extensive database of bot fingerprints. We utilize the collective bot intelligence to proactively prevent large-scale attacks across our customer base.
  • With endpoints across the globe and expertise in processing enormous volumes of data in real-time, Radware Bot Manager can limit the latency to the tune of one millisecond.

Protection Modes

  • Radware Bot Manager can be operated in two modes: Monitor and Active. Active mode allows you to take action against bots in real-time. Radware Bot Manager also offers feed-based protection to take actions against bad bots at the CDN/ WAF level.
  • In monitor mode, you get a detailed report on the type of bot traffic and visibility into various bot activities on your website. Unlike Active Mode, you would not be able to take action against bots.

Reporting, Analytics, & Management

  • Radware Bot Manager offers a transparent classification of invalid traffic (bots) and provides you with comprehensive insights into bot traffic of your web applications. You can track automated activity based on user agents, geos, referrers, and page attacked. Advanced analytics reveals deeper understanding into specific characteristics of the malicious traffic.
  • Radware Bot Manager allows you to manage multiple domains from a single console. You can monitor bot activities across all the domains owned by your organization and can take actions against bots in real-time.

Easy Integration

  • Radware Bot Manager offers a range of integration options including JS tag, web server plugin, cloud connectors, virtual appliance, and CMS plugin. You can also integrate our solution through AWS CloudFront.
  • Integration of our solution into existing infrastructure requires minimal code changes, and without DNS redirection.
  • Radware Bot Manager's Bot Mitigation for Web can be seamlessly integrated with major analytics platform including Adobe and Google. You can also integrate Radware Bot Manager's bot mitigation solution with any tag manager including Google Tag Manager.
  • Radware Bot Manager can also be integrated with the Radware Cloud WAF service as well as Alteon, Radware’s application delivery solution, to provide a unified application security offering to customers.

Know More About Our Solution, Technology, and Integration Options

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