ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

 Feed based Protection

Feed-based protection makes an asynchronous API call to the Radware Bot Manager server.

When Bot Manager’s bot detection engine detects bots, it sends those signatures to you through a bot signature feed, which allows you to then take action against the bots.

This is the recommended mode if the complete Web page or content is cached at CDN or WAF level.

How feed-based protection shields your website from bots

When a page visit happens from a user on your website, the REST API call embedded in the header of the page is executed. This action sends an asynchronous call with various parameters about the visitor to the Radware server.

After the page is loaded, the JavaScript snippet placed at the bottom of the page is executed. This JavaScript snippet sends an asynchronous call to the server with additional parameters for bot identification.

The Radware bot engine analyzes the parameters, detects bots and sends those bot signatures regularly to you as a feed.

You can consume the feed and take action against the bots at the WAF or CDN level.

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