ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Radware Bot Manager Cloud connectors are easy to integrate and maintain. Developers now have a simple mechanism to integrate Radware Bot Manager by using one of our available SDKs and making minor changes to your website or mobile application code.


PHP, Java, .Net, Python

SDKs are available in the most widely-used programming languages for hassle-free Radware Bot Manager integration with minimal code changes—and require no DNS redirection.

Platforms & Frameworks

Ruby on Rails

Radware Bot Manager Cloud connectors provide framework-agnostic integration to work with a wide range of web and mobile technologies.

Mobile OS

Android and iOS

Optimized SDKs for iOS and Android can be embedded into native as well as hybrid apps. They allow for communication with any technology stack and are designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy and performance. Our SDKs are tested with a wide range of devices and OS environments to ensure compatibility, speed, and scalability.

Why Integrate Using Radware Bot Manager SDKs

  • No need for DNS traffic redirection or an on-premise appliance
  • Zero impact on website uptime and ensure high availability
  • Reserve full control over your website
  • Flexibility in taking a range of customizable actions against bots based on your business logic

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