ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Bot attacks cause a range of serious business problems such as Account Takeover, Application DDoS, API Abuse, Carding, Content Scraping, Skewed Analytics, Ad Fraud, and Form Spam, which can damage brand reputation and customer loyalty, and cause financial losses or even lead to lawsuits. With over 50% of all Internet traffic today comprising bots, it is crucial for online businesses to defend against bots that are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their attacks.

A dedicated bot management solution can prevent bot attacks and eliminate the potential threats they pose to websites, mobile apps, and business-critical APIs. However, not all solutions are created equal or protect against the most sophisticated and harmful bots. Our E-Book ‘How To Evaluate Bot Management Solutions’ lays out the key factors to consider when evaluating and shortlisting solutions.


  • Evaluation Criteria That Help You Select The Best Solution For Your Enterprise
  • Why Machine Learning Is An Essential Component Of Sophisticated Bot Detection Technologies
  • Bot Management Features That Are Indispensable To Enterprises
  • Capabilities That Minimize The Impact On User Experience
  • Key Integration And Deployment Options To Look For


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