ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Unveiling Free New Tools to Protect sites from Bots & Web Scraping

June 27, 2015 | All Automated Threats Bot Prevention Technologies

Free anti-scraping tool

In our attempt to curb online threats, we have unveiled two new free tools: Scrape Scanner & Soldier Plan. These two new tools will give online businesses a free and simple way to diagnose web scraping vulnerabilities and check for online threats from bots.

Designed to protect online marketplaces, e-Commerce companies, content rich websites and social sites, here’s a brief description of how these tools work:

ScrapeScanner – Comprehensive Scraping Vulnerability Scanner

ScrapeScanner provides a detailed report on a website’s existing defenses against bots and scrapers. It shows businesses how vulnerable they are to web scrapers and bots.

ScrapeScanner is powered by the security experts at Radware Bot Manager, who continuously track and decode bot patterns from traffic across the globe. Advanced tools are used to simulate the bot activity on the website to unearth the vulnerabilities on the site. The existing defense mechanisms employed on the site are tested for effectiveness against various kinds of bot signatures. The simulations will be executed over a period of time using different toolkits and modifying different HTTP request parameters.

Now, any online businesses can make use of ScrapeScanner tool to check for the scraping vulnerabilities of their site for free. ScrapeScanner provides a much-needed benchmark for online businesses to assess how their current defenses are performing as well as advising what needs to be done to ensure 100% protection against bots and scrapers.

Radware Bot Manager Soldier Plan – Free Diagnosis of Bot Impact

Radware Bot Manager Soldier is a totally free Diagnosis Plan that gives a complete overview of bot activity on a website. This would be the first step towards identifying the actual bot impact on the business and equips the business to proactively address any issues.

Most small online business owners are still unaware of the alarming extent to which non-human users and/or bots are stealing their content. Subscribing for the Soldier Plan will give details on the number of bots attacking the site, the amount of traffic coming from these bots as well as the ISP and the geography of the bot origin.

Soldier plan also gives details on the traffic coming from good crawlers like Search Engines and Aggregators. Best of all, the Soldier plan is absolutely free for all sites with up to 100,000-page requests per month.

Update: The Soldier plan has been discontinued. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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