ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Radware Bot Manager safeguards your website, mobile application, and APIs without impacting genuine users and performance. We protect your crucial online portals by proactively building signatures for each unique visitor to your site and leveraging cutting-edge bot detection  technologies.

How it works

Integrate Radware Bot Manager via our cloud connectors, web server & CDN plugins, or virtual-appliance. Our detection engine works in real time to analyze every visitor to your website or mobile app.

On every page visit, Radware Bot Manager's API call and embedded JavaScript tag collect and share various parameters about the visitor with our core bot detection engine. Radware Bot Manager uses proprietary technologies along with artificial intelligence and machine learning to build a unique fingerprint for each visitor and bot.

Based on the exhaustive bot detection tests done on the visitor’s activity, our core bot detection engine classifies the visitor as a human, search engine crawler, or a bad bot. Based on the classification, if the visitor is a friendly entity (human or search engine crawler), then Radware Bot Manager transparently allows the user to pass through by sending the API response code ‘Allow’. All of this is achieved in a few milliseconds without impacting the user experience.

When a bad bot is detected, Radware Bot Manager sends the corresponding response code back to the application. Based on the response codes, you can implement actions such as blocking the bot, serving a CAPTCHA, feeding fake data, etc. Radware Bot Manager thus provides you the flexibility to choose a desired response to act against bots as per your business needs.

CAPTCHA feedback mechanism helps ML modules fine-tune thresholds.


  • Proprietary Intent-based Deep Behavior Analysis (IDBA) leverages collection of machine learning models
  • Minimal false positives
  • No DNS traffic rerouting
  • High performance
  • Secured user privacy
  • Exhaustive out-of-the-box reporting

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