ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

How Radware Bot Manager’s Mobile SDK Defends Against Bots

September 29, 2021 | General Bot Prevention Technologies

RBM Mobile SDK

In the last decade or so, many of our customers with standalone websites have also launched mobile applications to cater to the increased usage of smartphones. As mobile platforms have become more sophisticated and powerful, more and more apps are being built on native platforms to serve users of Android and iOS, the most common mobile operating systems. These native mobile apps generally do not function like conventional websites and cannot run JavaScript (JS). In such scenarios, our specialized Bot Manager Mobile SDK (Software Development Kit) is key to ensure comprehensive protection for mobile apps.

When it comes to detecting bots on a website or Web application, Radware Bot Manager analyzes server-side as well as client-side data. For bot detection on a Web application, our system receives HTTP data using server-side integration, along with behavioral data from our JS snippet on each webpage. Bot detection accuracy is superior when our detection system can analyze both server-side and client-side data.

For a mobile app to be protected against bots, obtaining client-side data can be difficult, as mobile apps generally do not have JavaScript execution capabilities that allow our Detection Engine to analyze behavioral data from the device. This is where our dedicated Mobile SDK plays a significant role in ensuring accurate bot detection, as it collects the client-side data from a user’s mobile device for our Core Bot Engine to analyze. Our Mobile SDK also facilitates bot protection for crucial APIs that power most applications today.

There are several advantages to deploying our Mobile SDK to protect a native mobile app:

  • Superior detection accuracy
  • Sophisticated bot detection from Android & iOS provides widest device coverage
  • Users get more granular traffic analytics between their website, mobile app, and mobile browsers
  • Bot protection for APIs that power many mobile apps

To learn more about how Radware Bot Manager provides comprehensive enterprise-class protection for websites, applications, and APIs, reach out to us at

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