ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Bots have been primarily used for good purposes, like search engine indexing, for long. However, with evolution of online businesses, bots are being used for malicious purposes, wreaking havoc on websites and mobile applications.

Many online business fall prey to bots as they steal content, scrape pricing information, generate spam and perpetrate frauds like ticket scalping, shill bidding, auction sniping, carding and account takeover. ShieldSquare, through its self-learning ability to detect and mitigate new threats, will empower online businesses to thwart bots with ease.

Scraping of Unique Content

For online business, Content is the king. Uniqueness of content, differentiates the business from the competition. Bots are capable of killing the uniqueness of the content by scraping and making it available on other sites. This impacts the competitiveness of the business.

Competitive Espionage

Bots are being used to compile competitive intelligence of time-sensitive content like "Product Prices" on the e-commerce portals. This stolen competitive intelligence is being used to out-price the products and impact the competitiveness of the business.

Slowing down of website performance

Bots can increase the load time and bring down the performance of the website. Slow websites can frustrate users and hamper the customer experience. Artificial load created by Bots also increases the Infrastructure costs in terms of hosting as well as the costs incurred for content acceleration services.

Form Spam/ Spam Leads

Spammers are trawling the web on the lookout for forms in order to spam them. Form spams bring down the productivity of teams as it is cumbersome to differentiate the real enquiry from the spam enquiries. For specific businesses that capture lead information through forms, spam leads become a huge challenge to manage.

SEO Ranking

SEO ranking is one of the very important metrics of site performance and bots can impact this negatively. Content theft and duplication drives down the SEO and page rank. Low page ranking can be detrimental to the business.

Comment Spam

Spammers are trawling the web for comments sections that do not require moderators or CAPTCHAs. Comment spam affects the SEO which negatively impacts the business.

Unauthorized Data Aggregation

Unauthorized Data aggregators are a threat to online portals. They aggregate content and take away potential users from the site leading to revenue loss.

Ticket Scalping Scam

Ticket bot operators use automated bots to purchase the event tickets that are in demand, from ticket selling sites, and sell them on the secondary market at an unfairly high price.Ticket selling sites are often victimized by such ticket touting, hurting their brand identity, as genuine customers fail to book tickets. Learn more >>

Auction Sniping Bots

Human bidders on auction sites are becoming increasingly frustrated with their inability to win auctions against sniping bots. Bots also steal bidder information from the auction sites, and offer to sell them the very item they are currently bidding, thus drawing genuine bidders away from the legitimate auction sites. Learn more >>

Bid Shilling Bots

Sellers on auction sites use automated programs to introduce fake bids to inflate the bidding prices. It forces legitimate bidders to pay significantly more for the items, unfairly benefitting the seller. Learn more >>

Carding Fraud

Carding is when a bot automatically submits orders on your website or application, in an attempt to find a credit card number that is valid. A plethora of stolen credit cards or clever credit card algorithms are tested at high speeds. This results in heavy traffic impacting user experience, an increase in chargeback costs and transaction disputes. Learn more >>

Account Takeover

Millions of compromised credentials are available on hacker dump sites, black markets and hacktivist forums. Attackers use automated bots and brute-force attacks to use these credentials, and programmatically attempt to login to target websites and applications. Such loss of customers sensitive information impacts brand reputation, in addition to the huge bot traffic slowing down the website or application performance. Learn more >>

Vulnerability Scanning

Bots scan websites and mobile apps to find security flaws and perform targeted attacks. Vulnerability scanning can be done on your website or mobile application either by competitors to perform scraping or by attackers looking to gain unauthorized access to your website and applications.

Application Denial of Service

Competitors or fraudsters use botnets to illegally access your website and mobile application’s critical services. This impacts performance, user experience, brand reputation, revenue and ultimately loss of genuine users.

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