ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Radware Bot Manager is easy to integrate with leading CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) or edge servers, and does not require DNS redirection or any additional infrastructure. It offers quick and seamless integration in minutes, and is ideal for websites and apps with a large number of cached pages. CDN plugin integration provides bot protection for web and app traffic throughout the data pipeline, including cached and non-cached pages. A major advantage of using Radware Bot Manager with a CDN plugin is that it also protects Origin and Application servers from bot attacks.

Fastly Plugin

The Fastly CDN plugin is built using the VCL (Varnish Configuration Language) connector module to offer effortless integration for Fastly customers. Using Fastly's ACL (Access Control List) feature, you can stop bad bot requests trying to access your servers at the CDN stage itself, and protect your website and application servers from bot attacks.

AWS CloudFront Plugin

Radware Bot Manager's AWS CloudFront plugin is built using a Lambda function which can be integrated with your CloudFront service. Bad bot attacks are then blocked by using the AWS Web ACL service.

Varnish Plugin

Our Varnish plugin can be easily integrated with cache servers. Radware Bot Manager provides both Real-Time protection (synchronous response) and Feed-based protection (which collects data asynchronously and allows you to use our Bot Signature Feed) to stop malicious bot requests from accessing your Origin server.

Section Plugin

Radware Bot Manager has partnered with Section to provide a seamless Bot Management Solution for Dev and Ops engineers to create and maintain a security perimeter across a distributed edge. Engineering teams appreciate the control, ease, and flexibility that Section's Edge Compute Platform offers for tailoring a security makeup that suits the specific needs of their application. As it is container-based, Section’s platform allows users to build and bring their own edge module or select from Section’s library of highly available, highly performant edge compute modules.

Other CDNs

Radware Bot Manager integrates with other CDNs as well. Email for details on integration.

CDN Plugins Allow Quick Integration to Protect Your Website, App, and APIs

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