ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Massive bot influx on Amazon’s ‘New World’ MMORPG game angers players

December 17, 2021 | All

Gamers Frustrated With Bots On Amazon Game Studios New World

Amazon Game Studios’ new multi-player game ‘New World’ has become a commercial hit with its growing popularity amongst fans of MMORPGs (massively multi-player online role-playing games). With its lush, detailed environments and challenging game play that places players in various factions, New World has been amongst the biggest new releases of 2021. However, there have been many players in gaming forums who have been venting their frustration and anger at the massive influx of bots that help their users cheat, gain unfair advantages, and earn more points at the expense of regular players.

Bots have been used for over two decades to cheat at online games of every kind, and many websites openly advertise specialized gaming bots that are designed to help their users gain an unfair advantage over other players. Some of these bots are so sophisticated that they even incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) to help cheaters get a leg up over regular players by rapidly accomplishing challenging tasks that would normally take much time and effort for a regular player to accomplish.

Some of these cheat bots for New World are advertised with promises such as:

  • “Automate your player vs player combat skills to make playing a breeze.”
  • “Easy auto aim with the New World aim bot surely will keep you on top of PvP.”
  • “The farming bot in New World has maximum stealth from detection, because the bot is not batch and does not climb into process memory, it is almost impossible to detect and track.”
  • “Extra sensory perception and wall hacks are hand in hand with our New World Bot.”

Naturally, gamers are frustrated that cheat bots are so easily available, and even more so that big game developers such as Amazon Game Studios could let the bot infestation escalate to such massive proportions that has angered many New World fans. The company quickly released a statement promising to put an end to this menace. The fact that an online game from a company with massive resources was susceptible to cheat bot activity, however, raises a larger question: What can be done to keep cheat bots out of gaming portals?

Despite many players reporting players who use cheat bots to game developers and gaming websites and applications, it is simply too large and time-consuming a task for most portals to deal with every complaint about cheat bots. While game developers can upgrade their code to deter the entry of gaming bots, and gaming portals can try to enforce rules against unfair play with bots, the fact remains that any game that is played online is susceptible to bot infestations.

The only effective and permanent solution to prevent cheat bots on gaming sites and apps is to implement a dedicated bot mitigation solution that analyses every visitor to determine whether it is a human or a bot. Gamers using cheat bots to play will quickly be detected and blocked from entering a gaming portal and prevented from garnering any advantage over other players. When a level playing field is restored by eliminating bots, regular players will be able to enjoy online games with the knowledge that their human skills, strategies, and reaction times are what really count, and that cheaters will not be able to game the system for their benefit.

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