ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Prevention action sniping

Stop Auction Sniping

Human bidders on the auction sites are becoming increasingly frustrated with their inability to win auctions against their software-controlled auction snipers.

Bots steal bidders information from auction sites and offer to sell them the same item they are currently bidding, thus drawing bidders away from the legitimate auction sites.

Stop shill bidding and bid shielding

On auction websites, the seller of an item may start with a low bidding price, and then employ an automated shill bidding strategy to unfairly inflate the bid value. Shilling is also used on auction items with no bids or interest from the buyers, creating an artificial interest on the item

A bid shielding strategy benefits a buyer/bidder by bidding on an item, and then protecting this bid with very high shielding bid value that discourages genuine bidders

Bid shilling and shielding degrade user interest on auction sites, resulting in reduced transactions and traffic, and damaging the site’s brand value in the market. ShieldSquare detects and prevents such automated malicious bids, protecting genuine users and the auction site's credibility

Identify Bots
resuce online actions

ShieldSquare to the Rescue

An unfair bot bidding activity disappoints genuine users and leads to skewed marketing analytics.

ShieldSquare empowers online auction sites in predicting if an online bid is by a bot or a human to take remediate action.

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