ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Protect your Drupal-Powered website from bot threats in real-time

April 10, 2017 | All Automated Threats Bot Prevention Technologies

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Drupal is a powerful and scalable content management system powering hundreds of thousands of websites, across all verticals. It’s easy to start an online business, like a content publishing/news platform, or an e-commerce website, using Drupal. Once you start an online business, it’s imperative to take it to your intended audience that will result in web traffic growth, revenue, and the business itself. To accomplish this, your web, content and marketing teams will work towards creating content, tweaking SEO and planning marketing campaigns, just to name a few.

The online space is crowded with similar ventures, and one always tries to surpass the other in terms of quality, user acquisition, market penetration and brand competitiveness. In this race to reach the top, an online business has to cross several hurdles. One of these hurdles is to identify and stop bot threats from jeopardizing your Drupal-powered website. You may not even know that bots are ruining all your marketing efforts.

How can bots affect your business?

Almost 50% of your website’s traffic may be from bots, and these are of two types – good and bad. To get maximum visibility to your website, you need the help of the good bots, like search engine crawlers, social media bots, and so on, to help your audience find your online business. On the other hand, threats from malicious bots will negatively impact your business. It’s not easy to know what types of bot threats your website is facing, and what pages are targeted, without the right bot prevention solution.

Content scraping: Your competitors and third-party scrapers can send web and price scraper bots to systematically steal data from your website. The content and pricing strategy you had strategically put in place is being compromised, directly impacting your SEO. Your competitive edge is at stake when your pricing information on your Drupal website is scraped and undercut by your competition.

Server/bandwidth costs: Be it Drupal or WordPress, most website hosting prices are based on traffic to your website (bandwidth consumption). When malicious bots consume a major portion of the allotted bandwidth, you will end up paying the hosting provider for the increased consumption of resources. In some cases, the hosting provider will penalize you for overutilization of their server and network bandwidth.

Skewed analytics: Your website analytics tools will not be providing the granular picture on the bots hitting your Drupal website. You may be able to do some basic deductions on the presence of bot activity on your website but will miss out on advanced bots hitting your website. One of the biggest drawbacks of this skewed data is that it directly affects the important marketing decisions you may make for your online business. For example, as a content publisher, you may see a huge increase in traffic after a marketing campaign, and you might assume that the traffic is from genuine users – which may not be so. If you’re publishing ads alongside your content, you will notice that the ad revenues/CTRs never increased in spite of the huge increase in traffic. You will try out a different marketing strategy, or end up spending more money on the campaign, without knowing the underlying cause of this bogus traffic.

ShieldSquare Drupal plugin for Real-Time Protection

ShieldSquare Drupal plugin integrates easily with your Drupal-powered website in just a couple of steps. Just sign up for ShieldSquare anti-bot solution, login to the admin console, download the ShieldSquare Drupal plugin and upload it to the modules.

Once the installation is complete and verified, you will get comprehensive visibility into the type of bot traffic your Drupal-powered website site is receiving. You can do a deep dive to understand the source IPs, pages targeted and also the types of bots. ShieldSquare provides you the flexibility to choose the right action against various basic and advanced bot threats, in real-time.

Know more about ShieldSquare Drupal plugin, or contact us for a demo.

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