ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Radware Bot Manager’s New Cloud Infrastructure in Germany Extends Data Protection Support to EU Customers

January 21, 2021 | General News & Events

Radware Bot Manager’s New Cloud Infrastructure in Germany

We are happy to announce the extended support for Radware Bot Manager’s European customers with the establishment of our new cloud infrastructure in Frankfurt, Germany. We have always prioritized the interests of our customers, and following the invalidation of the EU-US Privacy Shield in July 2020 by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), we did not want that to be a hindrance to our customers in the EU and around the world who wish to have their data processing done within the EU.

With the new cloud infrastructure in Germany, Radware Bot Manager eliminates the need for data to be sent outside the boundaries of the EU region. We have also extended the facility to store and process all data in Europe even for our non-European customers, should they choose to do so.

This initiative provides our customers the flexibility of having their data processed within or outside the EU based on their business needs and legal mandates that they may be subject to.

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