ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Radware Research: Bad Bots On The Rise Across Industries

Our researchers analyzed the most-targeted pages across our client base, focusing on six industries that are frequently attacked by bots — E-commerce, Media & Publishing, Social Networks, Online Travel Agencies, Classified Ads, and Real Estate. Malicious bots regularly target business-critical web pages at these industries, such as login, site search, product and search listing pages, as well as checkout and payment processing pages. These attacks lead to a wide range of business problems including plagiarized content, card fraud, lowered search rankings, poor user experience, unavailability of inventory, and skewed analytics, among other issues.

Our study correlates the main business problems caused by bot attacks on websites and apps with the symptoms that accompany them. Our aim is to highlight the need for a dedicated bot mitigation solution to protect against bots that mimic human behavior and cannot be detected by conventional security measures such as Web Application Firewalls, IP blacklists, and rate-limiting systems.


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