ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Radware Research: Deconstructing Large-Scale Distributed Scraping Attacks

In the highly-competitive e-commerce industry, product details, reviews, and prices are what consumers look for and compare when shopping online. E-commerce sites invest a great deal of resources into building their catalogs so that product information is readily viewable by consumers. However, this also makes them vulnerable to scraping by competitors hoping to quickly build their own catalogs and acquire business intelligence to get ahead.

A number of exploit kits are sold on hacker forums and shady websites to provide scrapers the tools they need to carry out their activities. Scrapers plan attacks in various stages to exploit the vulnerabilities of security systems such as WAFs, Intrusion Detection Systems (IPS) and other in-house measures. These basic security measures are hobbled by their lack of historical look-back and deep learning capabilities, and are unable to detect automated behavior in syntactically-correct HTTP requests that seemingly appear to be genuine visitors.

Our e-book ‘Deconstructing Large-Scale Distributed Scraping Attacks’ aims to demystify scraping attacks, detail the techniques used, and explain how scrapers can be stopped in their tracks.


  • Details of the techniques and methods used by scrapers
  • How you can better secure your website and apps
  • Recommendations to prevent scraping and other automated attacks


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