ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare exhibited in CeBIT 2014

November 15, 2014 | All News & Events

Last week, ShieldSquare was exhibited in the STPI Pavilion at World’s leading Business IT and ICT event CeBIT.

CeBIT 2014 saw the participation from leading global product companies across the globe presenting their innovative technologies to the technology buyer community in India. The three-day event saw speakers from Accenture, Intel, Groupon among others as they shared their perspective on how technology solutions are enabling businesses to grow their businesses.

At the trade show, we have demonstrated the product features, benefits and our unique selling proposition of ShieldSquare Scraping Prevention Solution. Our executives had an in depth dialog with the Senior Management of Online Businesses in understanding the challenges they are facing due to content theft and duplication.

After our conversation with the CEBIT Participants & going through the customer conversations across the globe, we collated some interesting observations :

  • A major online marketplace CTO mentioned that their on-field sales team spends lot of time, effort and money in building unique listings in their portal. And they dont’ want their competitors to duplicate those listings.
  • CEO of a online property listings portal mentioned that their site traffic is getting impacted due to content duplication. And this is costing them thousands of dollars in the form of advertising revenue loss on a daily basis.
  • A startup in online education space has curated lot of content over last one year and is worried that it will be stolen once they publish it online.
  • An e-commerce Product Head is aware that competitors are scraping their prices on an hourly basis and it is impacting the conversions on their portal.

ShieldSquare being a Content Protection tool has caught the attention of the community members who visited CeBIT 2014.

We at ShieldSquare believe in relentless innovation. We strive to protect the online business from the malicious bots and our product is capable of defying all the odds to ensure the maximum safety to client’s unique data.

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