ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

America’s Top Online Lighting Retailer Integrates Radware Bot Manager to Eliminate Competitive Price Scraping

The most sought-after online lighting retailer of North America offers state of the art light bulb designs and home decor. The online retailer ensures that products of all brands are of superior make and quality along with a hassle-free, fair and friendly customer service.

The site is widely popular not just for selling lights but also for providing light fitting and consulting service with utmost timeliness and accuracy. Unique light fixtures and novelty items from famous artisans at home and abroad, along with an affordable pricing sets them apart from other key players in the market.

Business Problem

Unique light fixtures and home decor listings made the retailer’s website a prime target for unauthorized bot activity. The influx of non-human traffic was evident from the spike in daily user traffic. Such bot activities had the malicious intent of competitive data-mining such as scraping of price and product listings.

Lack of an advanced bot mitigation solution led to a gradual increase in the volume of bot traffic that shot up the web infrastructure, bandwidth costs and slowed down the site for real human visitors. Analytics and technology teams were worried about losing genuine traffic because of the poor performance of the site and predatory pricing tactics employed by competitors.

Radware Bot Manager Solution

As the online retailer sought an ideal bot prevention solution, they focused on having following key major features:

  • They didn’t want the engineering team to juggle through WAF settings to block bot attacks distributed over hundreds of IPs. A wholly managed service was required to manage non-human traffic without affecting the experience of real users.
  • Technology team didn’t want to invest more than few hours of time in integrating the bot prevention solution. They wanted to see results in a matter of days.
  • Security team didn’t want the traffic to go through an additional proxy server. They wanted complete control over user data.

Initially, Radware Bot Manager monitored the site traffic to analyze and understand the volume of bot traffic and its behavior for a brief period. Several turing tests were run to understand the intent of bad bots. This approach helped in building trust on Radware Bot Manager's advanced bot detection capabilities. Based on the findings, the retailer decided to take actions on competitors’ bots before they could access the site content.

Implementation took less than few hours, and non-intrusive API approach ensured security team didn’t have to worry about data going to another proxy server. They could avoid DNS redirection, unlike other approaches.

“We manage an online lighting retailer website. We are not a web security enterprise. We wanted to focus on creating value for our business, not manage IP blacklists. Radware Bot Manager rescued us. Now, we don’t spend hours blocking IPs.” said one of the site reliability engineers.

In addition to detecting and blocking competitors’ bots, Radware Bot Manager ensured that the overall perimeter of the site was secure from other forms of automated threats such as application DDoS and fake account creations. Lighting retailer also observed significantly less number of shopping cart abandonments.

Their infrastructure team scrutinized the implementation over months, and they were delighted to report a 22% of cost savings. It was also verified by them that competitive price scraping had been completely stopped.

Stakeholders are satisfied from the cost and strategic benefits they got after implementation of Radware Bot Manager.

Benefits After Radware Bot Manager Roll-Out

  1. Eliminated automated price and content scraping. 100% of scraping activities are stopped.
  2. Bad bot traffic was significantly reduced. The reduction resulted in 22% of infrastructure cost savings.
  3. Amplified the SEO efforts and ensured that retailer’s website remained an exclusive source of unique product listings. Maintaining exclusivity of content also improved quality of traffic and conversion rates.


Customer:   America’s Top Online Lighting Retailer
Industry:   Lighting Equipment & Home Decor
Problem faced:
  • Competitive scraping of price and product listings
  • Unauthorized bot activity caused high infrastructure costs, web server strain, and downtime
Why Radware Bot Manager?
  • Capabilities to block specific type of bots in real-time
  • Capabilities to feed fake data to competitors
  • Non-intrusive API based protection for seamless integration
  • Lowest latency to ensure unaltered user experience

We were able to clearly pinpoint bots, identify the intent and take required action without any difficulty. Radaware Bot Manager’s ability to adapt and screen all bots was highly beneficial.

VP of eCommerce
America’s Top Online Lighting Retailer

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