ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Europe’s Leading Legal and Business Information Portal Uses Radware Bot Manager to Secure Website Content

Europe’s largest portal has a mission to provide real-time legal and business information. The portal has developed a sophisticated tool that offers customers an opportunity to be the first to know when something changes in the legal structure of companies or court files. Complete and real-time information on firms, files, legislation and case law helps to streamline the legal case proceedings. Common users of the portal are lawyers, business managers, state institution employees and legal representatives.

Business Problem

The portal was battling to protect the monetizable content from malicious bots, deployed by competitors and un-authorized 3rd parties. The portal is an invaluable target of content scraping bots because of its latest and accurate information on the case files. Bots deployed by hackers were illegally scouring unique information. The content scraping attacks were undermining the uniqueness of portal and were causing revenue loss. Sporadic increase in server load and dubious origins of traffic revealed that portal was the target of fraudsters, content aggregators, and competitors.

Fraudsters were using tools such as PhantomJS, and Selenium for browser automation to carry out content scraping attacks. Detecting such sophisticated bots was a formidable task. The bots were mimicking human behavior and were rotating through IPs. The bots were not following a consistent pattern. Taking legal action against the web scrapers is expensive, time-consuming and futile.

Portal’s IT team was actively engaged in building a bot defense mechanism to stop malicious bots from content scraping. However, the in-house solution was ineffective to monitor and block continuously evolving malicious bots without hampering the end user experience.

Radware Bot Manager Solution

Radware Bot Manager's anomaly detection techniques are highly effective in detecting non-human behavior in advanced bots. Integrating Radware Bot Manager through WAF (Web Application Firewall) took less than few hours. Quick integration helped the portal’s IT team gauge bot traffic on highly sensitive sections of the website. Radware Bot Manager's dashboard provided detailed analytics of bot traffic. Parameters such as source, user agent, IP address, bot type, etc., helped portal’s team to build a comprehensive understanding of the bot traffic. Granular analytics enabled them to estimate the risk that portal incurred because of the enormous amount of automated traffic on the website. Radware Bot Manager blocked 100% of malicious bots and prevented content theft without disrupting the genuine user experience.

Portal’s IT team assessed that bots can change their approach and can attack APIs to scrape content. However, the portal wanted to secure the APIs with the same bot mitigation solution. Radware Bot Manager's non-intrusive API based solution has Software Development Kits(SDKs) for all major language platforms such as Java, PHP, Ruby, and Nodejs. Integrating Radware Bot Manager SDKs with APIs did not take more than a couple of hours for the Portal's team.

Radware Bot Manager ensures that the portal’s content is secured from bot attacks. The bot defense mechanism helps the portal in safeguarding the business model built around the proprietary content.

Benefits After Radware Bot Manager Roll-out

  1. Stopped content scraping and secured valuable real-time information
  2. Eliminated the possibility of content infringement and prevented loss of revenue by keeping the demand alive for premium membership
  3. Website and APIs both were secured using same bot mitigation solution. The long-term benefits outweighed the minimal cost of deploying an advanced bot mitigation solution
  4. Random spikes in bot traffic were cut-down. Comprehensive analytics on non-human traffic provided required visibility to combat sophisticated bot attacks


Customer:   Leading legal and business information portal
Industry:   Legal and Financial Services
Problem faced:
  • Loss of traffic and revenue due to theft of monetizable content
  • Loss of competitive advantage
Why Radware Bot Manager?
  • Capabilities to detect sophisticated attacks and browser automation tools
  • Bot defense for websites and APIs
  • Seamless compatibility with WAFs without any change in underlying web infrastructure

I am extremely pleased with Radware Bot Manager's features and their data science team’s enthusiasm to meet our business needs.

Chief Executive Officer
Leading legal and business information portal

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