ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Radware Bot Manager helps Latin America’s Largest Real estate Portal in Preventing Spam Leads

Navent Group is Latin America’s largest internet company owning over a dozen trusted, resourceful real estate and job classifieds portals. Their mission, as they put it is to “Help People Fulfill Two Of Life’s Most Important Aspirations - FIND A JOB, FIND A HOME”. The site portfolio, with 11 real estate portals and 7 job portals make it one of the world’s largest platforms for the real estate and job industry, unbiased and committed to serving the needs and wants of all consumers.

Business Problem

The unique, comprehensive and quality listings of Navent form the key differentiators as compared to other similar online portals. High user traffic makes Navent the one stop destination for advertisers to place relevant ads and also attracts a lot of unwanted bot traffic trying to steal content and post spam leads.

Owing to the rich quality of listings, the site is constantly targeted by 3rd party scrapers/competitors who send bots to steal the valuable content. What’s even worse was the problem of spam leads due to fake form submissions. For any listing on the site, the contact details of the advertiser like email and phone number can be known only by submitting a form.

Bad bots fill fake form submissions in order to scrape the contact details. The information captured through the form gets registered as a potential lead for Navent but as it is a bot driven request, it adds no value in any possible way.

Navent’s internal team faced immense challenges in filtering the genuine leads from the fake ones. This manual effort was dragging down the team’s productivity which otherwise would have focussed on other key business processes. The lead conversion metrics and RoI for the advertisers on the website was gradually decreasing, giving rise to the need for a swift and dependable bot prevention solution that can stop the fake form submissions.


Radware Bot Manager Solution

The critical need for stopping form spam led Navent to opt Radware Bot Manager, upon being impressed with features like easy integration, quick remediation of bots and guaranteed total control over the site. The motive was to get rid of fake form submissions and quickly reinstate advertiser confidence.

Radware Bot Manager cloud API was seamlessly integrated by Navent’s IT team without much of a tweaking to their existing platform that supports all their Real Estate portals. Throughout the integration phase, Radware Bot Manager support team ensured to coordinate with multiple stakeholders involved, staying in sync with Navent’s interests at all times.

Radware Bot Manager by means of Device Fingerprinting, Dynamic Turing Tests & User behavior analysis detected bot patterns with malicious intent. The bot intelligence gathered during the evaluation period was verified by Navent and the action taken was to block and challenge bad bots with CAPTCHA.

Radware Bot Manager, leveraging bot intelligence across sites ensured that there were zero false positives across Navent site portfolio.

As Radware Bot Manager active mode commenced, in a very short span Navent received positive and encouraging feedback from their advertisers regarding the spam leads which have reduced significantly. The data presented to Navent post integration also clearly showed that none of its genuine users were shown CAPTCHA, which in turn means that the genuine user experience was untouched.

As the advertiser confidence resumed Radware Bot Manager was chosen as Navent’s preferred bot prevention partner.

Benefits to Navent after rolling out Radware Bot Manager:

1. Increased customer satisfaction of advertisers. Reduction in spam leads encouraged the advertisers to place more ads, as a result revenue increased.

2. The Operations team of Navent who interact with advertisers and realtors are happy with the turnaround solution offered.

3. Their support team now has increased productivity and efficiency as they are no longer pursuing spam leads.

4. Navent’s IT department is glad for the restored optimum performance of the site and no longer waste time in tracking bot IP’s every now and then.

5. Bots are now quarantined and cannot heckle with Navent’s business anymore.


Customer:   Navent
Industry:   Online Real Estate Portal
Problem faced:
  • Form Spam - Fake Form Submissions by Bots
Why Radware Bot Manager?
  • Real time form spam prevention
  • Blocking bots without hindering genuine user experience
  • Zero False Positives

We could see a considerable reduction in the spam leads after integrating Radware Bot Manager. We were able to customize the algorithm based on our business needs and it improved the overall quality of the leads we deliver to our clients. It’s an awesome product!

Federico Barbagallo
Product Director

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