ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Singapore’s Leading Ad Network Improves Quality Of Inventory With Radware Bot Manager

Singapore’s leading ad network works with hundreds of publishers to provide a world-class monetization platform. The firm provides a seamless monetization process to publishers to ensure the maximum price possible for every ad impression. However, in the recent times, the ad network observed unpredictable spikes in non-human traffic from its network of publishers.

Business Problem

The ad network has over 200 publishers connected to it and serves millions of ad impressions every day. Before the deployment of Radware Bot Manager, nearly 15% of the total traffic on the ad network was invalid traffic.

The ad network was plagued by fake impressions, and click fraud. The bots created fake ad impressions and generated illegitimate clicks that adversely affected CTR (click-through rate) for advertisers. Undetected invalid traffic on the ad network’s platform impaired the quality of inventory and affected the firm’s reputation among advertisers. Advertisers also claimed chargebacks due to the poor quality of traffic. Moreover, such fraudulent activity strained ad serving resources and affected the ad network’s ability to optimize the inventory.

The ad exchanges and advertisers associated with the ad network constantly complained about the invalid traffic. It was critical for the ad network to act against the significant presence of non-human traffic. The ad network decided to procure a real-time bot mitigation solution that also provides them with granular analytics of invalid traffic (including SIVT & GIVT).

Radware Bot Manager Solution

The ad network had evaluated a few well-known Ad verification solutions, but they were ineffective and did not meet specific requirements of the ad network. Specifically, the solutions they tried earlier required fundamental changes to their server infrastructure. The solutions didn’t provide comprehensive invalid traffic analytics either, which was a must-have for the ad network. Moreover, those solutions worked on a fixed interval of four hours to detect and mitigate the non-human traffic, which was a huge disappointment for the ad network as they wanted a real-time bot mitigation solution.

Radware Bot Manager's non-intrusive API-based solution provided the advantage of real-time invalid traffic detection and mitigation. Our solution enabled the ad network to show ads only to genuine users. Our proprietary Intent-based Deep Behavior Analysis (IDBA) technology detects Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) in real-time and allows ad networks to filter the IVT before bids are placed. Radware Bot Manager's device fingerprinting capabilities, and collective bot intelligence ensured that bot traffic is accurately filtered and mitigated.

Benefits After Radware Bot Manager Rollout

The ad network obtained several benefits following the deployment of Radware Bot Manager:

  1. Non-human traffic and ad fraud diminished to a negligible value from 15%.
  2. Viewability score was significantly improved.
  3. The ad network surpassed the global benchmark for high-quality Ad inventory.
  4. Overall improvement in the quality of web and mobile traffic helped the ad network justify the higher CPMs.
  5. In-depth classification of traffic in viewability reports helped the ad network negotiate effectively with the advertisers and avoid chargebacks.


Customer:   Singapore’s Leading Ad Network
Industry:   Online Advertising
Problem faced:
  • Fake impressions and clicks
  • Low quality of traffic
  • Viewability reports from advertisers flagged a significant amount of traffic on the ad network as invalid
Why Radware Bot Manager?
  • Proprietary Intent-based Deep Behavior Analysis (IDBA) technology detects Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) in real-time
  • Significant improvement in the quality of traffic helps the ad networks justify CPMs
  • Pre-bid invalid traffic filtering ensures that ad networks don’t receive chargebacks
  • Transparent viewability report with accurate and in-depth classification of IVT to negotiate effectively with publishers and advertisers.
  • Reports equipped with detailed information about traffic sources to ensure that fake publishers get blacklisted.

“We made a strategic move to partner with Radware Bot Manager and deployed their bot mitigation solution. We’re glad to report that bot traffic on our ad network reduced dramatically, and is down to negligible levels.”

Singapore’s Leading Ad Network

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