ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Bot Detection

Leverage Radware Bot Manager's bot protection despite limitations from corporate policies, regulations or website architecture that prohibit the use of public cloud infrastructure. The Radware Bot Manager Appliance:

  • Can be deployed on your VM that is co-located within your infrastructure
  • Is infrastructure-independent and supports all Web servers
  • Requires no code changes
  • Helps avoid network latency and enables faster response time
  • Enables integration with leading CDNs and load balancers

How Radware Bot Manager Virtual Appliance shields your website and mobile applications from bots

When traffic is passed through the Radware Bot Manager Appliance, it collects the needed parameters to classify the traffic into bots and humans.

Radware Bot Manager Appliance constantly communicates with the Radware Bot Manager cloud server and gets updated bot signature lists.

The regularly updated bot signature feed is available on the Radware Bot Manager Appliance. When a page visit happens, the Radware Bot Manager Appliance classifies the visitor as a human, search engine crawler, or a bad bot. Based on this classification, necessary action is taken against the bots according to your business logic.

Product your website by On-Premise Deployment

Know more on how to integrate Radware Bot Manager Appliance on your website

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