ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

What is an anti-bot solution?

In the age of technology, being able to protect your online business from the rising online threats is the main priority. Bad bots are one of the main threats that are increasingly menacing online businesses, and it is of utmost importance to stop bots in every possible way. While there are many basic ways available on the internet to stop bots, they fail to do so because bots keep evolving over the course of time.

What is an Anti-bot solution?

Anti-bot solution follow a real-time approach, when it comes to blocking bots. They use robust algorithms to detect, analyze and categorize bot patterns and bot signatures. Along with the help of data science experts, and also improving detection accuracy. Anti-bot solutions use multiple methodologies, like unique device fingerprinting, dynamic turing tests and user behavior analysis etc, to uncover bot activity. Anti-bot solutions also ensures zero false positives, so that no user is penalized.

To know how to choose the right anti-bot solution, click here.

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