ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

The Radware Bot Manager Advantage

Radware Bot Manager differentiates itself using state of the art technologies that leave in-house solutions and competitors far behind when it comes to producing results. We believe that our continuous research on ever-evolving bot patterns, industry expertise, and proprietary cutting-edge technologies based on latest developments in deep learning differentiate our product from other solutions available in the market.


Accurate Bot detection

Your website or mobile app is protected from bad bot traffic by dynamically building signatures for each unique visitor and by leveraging collective bot intelligence and machine learning techniques.

Proprietary Intent-based Deep Behavior Analysis (IDBA) leverages Intent Encoding, Intent Analysis, and Adaptive Learning techniques to accurately detect large-scale distributed bots with sophisticated human-like interaction capabilities.

These algorithms and the expert data science team at Radware Bot Manager ensure best-in-class protection by preventing all malicious bots involved in account takeover, price scraping, content scraping, application DDoS, digital ad fraud, and other forms of automated attacks.

Accurate Bot detection

Minimal False Positives

Radware Bot Manager system is built with a goal to ensure that none of your genuine users and search engine traffic will ever be impacted.

Our learnings from protecting billions of web pages across the globe have helped us fine tune our system to seamlessly allow all genuine traffic to your site.

Zero false positive test

Flexible Protection

Radware Bot Manager provides you the flexibility to take action against bots based on your business logic and not just limited to preset actions.

Also, Radware Bot Manager provides you the flexibility to act against bots as per your need, depending on the sections of the website. You may challenge bots using CAPTCHAs for certain sections, and for other sections the bots can be blocked, or fed with fake data.

Flexible protection website

Seamless Integration and Compatibility

Radware Bot Manager Cloud service can be seamlessly integrated to any web or mobile application by simply inserting a REST API call and a JavaScript snippet into the application.

Your development or DevOps team can easily integrate Radware Bot Manager into existing infrastructure using easy-to-integrate and highly available Cloud Connectors or Virtual Appliance.

Radware Bot Manager can also be integrated with the Radware Cloud WAF service as well as Radware Alteon to provide a unified Application Security offering to customers.

seamless integration

No DNS Traffic Redirection

Radware Bot Manager understands the dire consequences of traffic redirection in case of an unexpected error.

Your website content, transactional data, and sensitive details such as passwords and credit card data are not passed to Radware Bot Manager, unlike the DNS rerouting approach used by others.

Radware Bot Manager lets you eliminate external dependencies on uptime, and provides complete control over your applications at all times.

No DNS-Traffic-Redirection

High Performance

Radware Bot Manager's API call response takes just a few milliseconds, as they are powered by cutting-edge back-end technologies running on popular cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services™ (AWS), Microsoft Azure™, and Google Cloud Platform, among others.

Upon successful integration, the nearest cloud endpoint would be allocated to enhance response time.

Each of our services are fine-tuned to adapt to the changing behavior of bots and visitors on your site, without compromising on speed.

Control Radware Bot Manager's services by defining timeouts and ensure that your page loads are not delayed beyond the time-out value.

control performance

CDN Compatibility

Radware Bot Manager co-exists with any of the existing infrastructure elements you may have including CDN, WAF, etc.

When Radware Bot Manager is integrated with your website through a CDN, malicious bot signatures are detected and are fed to your CDN. Actions against those detected bots are taken at the CDN level itself using the bot signature feed.

CDN Compatibility

Comprehensive, out-of-the box reports

Radware Bot Manager's dashboard is simple to use, easy to understand. The dashboard provides exhaustive information and granular analytics on bots to clearly indicate every kind of malicious activity attempted on the site.

With access to real-time traffic data, customers can view bad bot, good bot, and genuine web traffic down to the last minute, understand traffic dynamics, and quickly take informed decisions.

In addition to providing insights on bot traffic, the Radware Bot Manager dashboard also provides the ability to whitelist IPs, set up alerts based on thresholds, and also in some cases delete the bot signature if the associated CAPTCHA/ block incident is deemed to be a false positive.

Our data analysis experts trace new bot anomalies, crunch data, and send custom reports on a weekly basis to each customer to ensure that they are always kept informed.

Learn how Radware Bot Manager Technology works.

Comprehensive Reports

Step Up and Take Action

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