ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

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Active Mode Protection

This mode lets you take action on bots in real-time. You can choose from one of these three methods:

  • Real-Time Protection

    Take the right action on different categories of bots in real-time by making synchronous calls to Radware Bot Manager's API. This is the recommended mode when taking action at the application or server level.  Learn More

  • Feed-Based Protection

    Feed-based protection mode enables you to make asynchronous API calls to the Radware Bot Manager server. The Bot Manager engine  detects bots and sends the Bot Signature Feed to you regularly and lets you take action against bots. This is recommended when integrating at the CDN/ WAF level.  Learn More

  • JavaScript-based Cookie Flagging

    The JavaScript-based cookie flagging approach verifies the traffic when pages load. This is particularly useful for pre-bid filtering and ad verification. JS Tag integration allows you to block invalid traffic and take custom actions.

Cloud Connectors

Monitor Mode

In this mode, an asynchronous call is made to the Radware Bot Manager API that gives you detailed reports on the type of bot traffic and visibility into various bot activities on your website. Unlike in Active Mode, you will not be able to take real-time preventive action against bots.

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