ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Everything you must know about Web Scraping

March 4, 2015 | All Automated Threats Bot Prevention Technologies

What is Web Scraping

Web scraping aka web data extraction is an automated software technique of extracting information from web. In simple words, web scraping is a process of automatically collecting information from web. Information in this context means all varieties of content including images, text, sensible information like contact details, price etc.

Web scraping and web crawling are very closely related. Web crawling (indexing), indexes information on the web using a bot or a web crawler and it is widely used by most of the search engines (google, bing). In contrast, web scraping concentrates on converting the web pages into structured data, which can be analyzed and even reproduced.

Impact of web scraping on your online business

  • Scraping of Unique Content: You hire professionals to write rich articles and curate very unique content to become a leader in your market. What if your competitor copies your entire content within minutes and reproduces it on his website. that makes the uniqueness of your hard earned content void, puts your competitive edge at stake, and your business is saturated within no time.
  • Bandwidth: The scrapers consume almost 50% of your entire bandwidth, increasing the load on your website. With this the actual customer’s experience is being hampered and the objective of being a Customer friendly website is put in the soup.
  • Form Spam/Spam leads: Bots are capable of filling the forms with fake data and it would be hard to distinguish between spam leads and the actual leads. Learn more about form spam prevention.
  • SEO Ranking: If you are trying to rank your website on google SERP, you may already know that Google focuses on originality of the content. So, if a scraper has replicated your entire content, then it may hamper your search engine ranking as well

Well, You are being scraped! What can you do about it?

The major problem with scraping is, nobody knows what to do.

The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) would be hard to enforce, and we all know that even SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act) failed (SOPA was a reaction to the content theft). DMCA was initially started to check if somebody has stolen your copyrighted content, and then you may have the right to file a complaint as an original owner of the content.

But the huge problem with DMCA is, different search engines have different DMCA forms, and it would be time consuming to track each link and complaint.

Let me take the pride of introducing ShieldSquare scraping prevention solution. ShieldSquare prevent your website from being scraped. Yes, we provide a unique service which protects your content from being scraped. We use wide variety of techniques to stop malicious bots from scraping your website.

Read more: Why common measures taken to prevent scraping aren’t effective

Why ShieldSquare can be best for your Content Protection?

  1. ShieldSquare protects your hard earned content from being scraped by your competitors.
  2. ShieldSquare helps you publish your unique content in confidence, without any fear of unauthorized access or content theft by bots.
  3. Protect your brand equity, reputation and SEO ranking by using ShieldSquare and ensure that you get more organic traffic than ever.
  4. We at ShieldSquare would filter malicious theft bots or data scrapers from your traffic and which in turn helps in increasing your revenues.
  5. We have a special feature of stopping scrapers real time and our main motto is to provide hassle free user experience to your customers.
  6. We have many satisfied customers with us, who says ShieldSquare has saved their web assets from being scraped. Please read our testimonials.

This is it for the day and we hope you understood why prevention of web scraping is very important in this web era. Sign up for a 15 day trial and let us take care of your content.

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