ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

ShieldSquare is now Radware Bot Manager

Leading Media & Publishing House Eliminates API Abuse & Carding Fraud with Radware Bot Manager


Our customer in this success story is a large American media conglomerate that publishes several high-profile magazines and owns several radio and television stations. Overall, the group’s websites receive well over 100 million visitors every month, out of which 46% were identified as bad bots by Radware Bot Manager. The firm has been using Radware Bot Manager with excellent results on several of their flagship media sites that attract large audiences. This large roster of popular websites constituted a prime target for bots deployed by cybercriminals to validate payment card data. Protected from malicious bots by Radware Bot Manager, this media and publishing firm continues to grow its subscriber base and audience.

Business Challenges

Two of the firm’s websites that sell subscriptions to consumers were regularly being attacked by bots carrying out payment card abuse. Using the payment forms presented to users who wished to order a subscription, bots would sequentially enter thousands of stolen or breached credit and debit card numbers along with the card verification codes (a practice known as “credential stuffing”), or random characters (“credential cracking”), to find out which ones were valid. The website would then query their banking partner’s card verification system with the card details entered by the bots, and either accept or reject the transaction. This method allowed cybercriminals to validate payment card data which could then be used to make fraudulent purchases or resold to other criminals to commit payment fraud.

Payment card verification queries are usually done for a fee levied by the bank or payment processor involved. The massive number of invalid queries made by bots without resulting in an actual sale resulted in significant losses for the firm. In addition, such high volumes of card verification queries also affected the merchant’s reputation with their banking and payment processing partners, which could have led to them being prevented from using their card verification systems ─ a potentially disastrous situation for any online retailer.

Radware Bot Manager Solution

Having already used Radware Bot Manager to protect several of their group’s high-traffic sites from bots, the customer decided to deploy our solution on their subscription portals to end the API abuse they were experiencing. Using our Java SDK along with JavaScript integration, both the websites were quickly and effectively protected from bot attacks. Post deployment, we identified that close to half of the requests on '/Payment' Sections were invalid requests made by malicious bots, which Radware Bot Manager was successful in mitigating. Being able to eliminate payment API abuse on their websites was crucial for our customer’s operations. Also valuable was the fact that while eliminating their major pain point ─ payment card verification API abuse ─ Radware Bot Manager also helped put an end to skewed website analytics. This helped their marketing team get clear insights into actual traffic to better plan their campaigns.

Benefits After Radware Bot Manager Roll-Out

1. Elimination of payment card verification API abuse

2. Reduction in card verification fees of approximately 4000 USD per month paid to payment processors

3. Enhanced merchant reputation with banking partners


Customer:   A leading US Media Group
Industry:   Media and Publishing
Problem faced:
  • API Abuse
  • Carding
Why Radware Bot Manager?
  • Customer’s satisfaction with the performance of Radware Bot Manager on other group websites.
  • Flexibility in integration with customer’s technology stack
  • Comprehensive visibility into bot traffic across group sites through unified dashboard

We could see the results within a week of deploying Radware Bot Manager. Bots that abused our APIs for card verification checks declined significantly, eliminating unnecessary costs and enhancing our merchant reputation in the process.

Website administrator,
Media & Publishing firm
A leading US Media Group

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